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Hi HibsMax,
while Ninox' table views are quite capable to create queries, Ninox doesn't expose SQL to the user (with exceptions, when it comes to scripting, see http://manual.ninoxdb.de/en/function-and-language-reference/).
Best regards
Thanks Frank. I really want / need access to a client tool to allow me to write complex queries so I will move ahead with MySQL.
I would like to extend Kudos to the development and support staff, particularly Alex for the speedy response to my questions, this is a fantastic product and I look forward to developing with it.I am an old " old " MS Access developer dating back to Access version 2.0, being 1.0-1.9 was all beta and testing.I do NOT miss Access now that I'm semi retired.
Alex, I promise to find a spot in these forums to post all my further question so others may benefit from the efforts.
I'm trying to make a db for bills. The first thing I want is to automatically create a number of growing bill, that starts from 0 at the beginning of the new year, that is calculated every time I create a new invoice.
Have you any suggestions to achieve this function?
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Add in the table Bills an additional data field, e.g. X and number field e.g. BillNr.
The default of the X is Today (). Table trigger at new:

BillNr := max((select Bills where year(X) = year(today())).BillNr) + 1

Thanks Leo for your quickly answer. Franco
I would like to know how to do this:
I have a field named "Tracking number" and a status field named "Status" with 2 options (New or Sent). I would like to show in a third field (URL field) named "Track", an url with datas from "Tracking number" field.
Tracking number is: 1234
URL is: http://www.provider.com_1234

How can I do that?
Thanks in advance for your answer
Sorry, I forgot to write that the URL field need to have values only when Status option is on "Sent"
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Hello mpraljak,
you can use a trigger for example on the choice field. A trigger on table level "execute on update" would also work.

if Status = 2 then Track := "provider.com"+'Tracking number' else""

Status = 2 means the second value of the choice field. This depends on the position of "sent" in your choice field.

Best regards, Alex
Thank you very much Alexander! I appreciate your fast answer ;)