Ninox makes it easy to organise stuff, people, ideas and anything else you can imagine with your team.



For one user only



For one user only



For one user only




For those who want the full force of Ninox via the cloud


$99.99 billed annually

Ninox from everywhere access via browser.

Collaborate with anyone
Custom forms, triggers and fields
Real-time sync
2GB per user
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We have discounts available for educational institutions and NGOs. Please contact us us for more information

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Do I need a cloud subscription for my Mac app?

No you don’t. When you buy the MAC app, you can use the power of Ninox without the Cloud subscription. You will be able to use your iCloud to sync with your iPad and Mac app.

Do I get a native Mac app when I buy a subscription?

This is in the works, however, currently we are not able to provide that by default. When you have a subscription and you want a native Mac app to access data offline, add the Mac app to your purchase.

How are the number of users calculated for my cloud subscription?

When a user registers his account with Ninox and logs in, he will be seen as a user part of your team.

Is there a maximum number of users when I buy a subscription?

The Cloud subscription is based per user per month.

Is there a limitation on storage when I buy the Cloud subscription?

Per user you will have 2GB per user available. If you require more, please contact us.

What do I do when I want more storage for my cloud subscription?

Please contact us and we will help you out.