Automated Backups

For us, integrity and safety of customer data has highest priority. Since its very first release, Ninox Cloud provided two mechanisms to backup databases. Today, we introduce another layer of safety: Automated snapshot backups

04 September 2018

Daniel Ratmiroff

Ninox Major Release 2.4 ready: Let's INTEGRATE!

Ninox 2.4 is all about integration. Share table views, connect Ninox with hundreds of services using Zapier and use the new REST API to push and pull content from other apps.

25 July 2018

Daniel Ratmiroff

Ninox 2.4.0 BETA test

The new release 2.4 of Ninox is on the verge, closed beta test just started. Thank you for taking the time to check out the beta version. Your feedback is highly appreciated and helps us to make Ninox better.

17 July 2018

Daniel Ratmiroff

Cundall: "Managing business operations with teams across geographies"

"Martin and his team manage the Cundall Qatar operations, taking care of Human resource management, Sales reporting, CO2 emission project and end to end support for the consultants who are always on the move to deliver consulting projects. Previously managing the operations on excels, data retrieval, syncing of data across users and locations was cumbersome and an operational barrier"- Martin Baeuerle, Cundall

09 July 2018

Daniel Ratmiroff

Ninox Camp 2018

On 15.06.2018, developers, users and partners met in Berlin to exchange ideas, know-how and solutions. Frank Böhmer, founder and CEO of Ninox GmbH, gave an outlook on upcoming releases and the long-term evolution of the database. Several guest speakers introduced their Ninox-based enterprise solutions.

05 July 2018


Discovery Yachts: "Providing first-class service to our owners"

"In the light of the company's growing customer base and the objective of providing supreme owner care to their customers, Kerstin was looking for a customizable solution rather than an off the shelf product that can be adapted to fit the Discovery Yachts business model. Ninox is the core solution for sales management, implementation and post-sales support for the company" -Kerstin Langdon, Discovery Group

29 May 2018

Daniel Ratmiroff