Simple Log in system with date/Time registration.
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Hi all,

This is a simple login system with Date/Time registration.

In the Startscreen there are some hidden fields and most of the code is in the Red Enter button.

Also code in the top formula field and the unvisible formula field to hide the close(x) button.

Also in the trigger after open field in the options tab of the database when in administration mode to open the startscreen.





Happy New Year folks!


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:-)) New Year! 

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oops... "Happy" New Year! (I wish we could edit our comments .... :-/ )

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Thank you Steven, Happy New Year! 🥂

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Great example... If you want this to be multi-user friendly .. consider a "userSession" table that.. on open .. creates a new row.. then upon authentication.... either updates that row with the user information ... or ... creates the user registration row.. then deletes "this". 

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Thanks Michael,

This is a small part of my POS system, where a new record is indeed created with the name belonging to the entered code. This way you can see who entered the orders. So there can only be one unique login code per user. This check is also built into the example above.