Relating to Relational Databases - Part 2
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I've now completed part two of the Relating to Relational Databases articles which deals mainly with Many to Many relationships and includes a link with which you can download the sample database.

Suggestions about future articles always welcome!

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Hi Julian,

Both posts (pts. 1 & 2) are very good intros to Relational dBs written with great 'clarity'! Even though I've worked w/Relational dBs for some time now, at the beginning it was really difficult for me to 'wrap my head' around those 'concepts' and your posts would have been very helpful at that time - so I am sure they are or have been very helpful to others! 

-- btw, just a quick tweak to the post title (pt. 2): 'Relational' vs 'Ralational'.

(-- sorry, just the copywriter in me but I always do appreciate when someone let's me know about little errors I've made here and there. :-)

Thank you for taking the time to write about basic Relational dBase concepts in a clear way and offering the demo files as well!


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Hi Karen

Thanks for that - I am notoriously bad at spotting my own typos! (now fixed)

And thank you for the kind comments about the articles. There has been a lot of chat in Ninox's webinars about database design and I thought a simple article was needed.


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You're welcome! Have a great day. Karen