How to Create Checklists / Tasks
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I've just published a blog post called 'Creating Checklists in Ninox' which you can see here: 


Now, this may seem like a 'random' topic to choose, but I had previously written posts about how to do this with another database (I won't name it here) - which required the use of either Zapier or Integromat - both of which proved quite clumsy. Ninox's language is able to handle this easily and highlights the power of this platform.

I also think that this provides a useful worked example of using NX to read and create multiple records and the principle can be applied to other use cases. You can download the database from within the post.

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Thanks Julian, 

I am a David Allen "Getting Things Done" (GTD) fan.. though I struggle to consistently implement it.  I purchased a "vendor product" that implements this and helps me "focus" (hint hint on Mac Product)..  It is very good.. but I have to purchase a Mac version, and iPad version .. an iPhone version ..  Implementing something like this in Ninox would give me all platforms.. :) 

So.. playing around with the Kanban view .. as well as grouped views.. I am on my why to eliminating another Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) applicaiton that I pay an annual subscription ... makeing that $100 UDS annual for Ninox even that much more beneficial! ;)