What to do, to solve the problem mentioned below?

In the tutorial we read:
Using choice fields you can create self-defined value lists which appear as drop-down menus in the form. Instead of entering a word or number, you pick one of those values. This field type is suited well to record a state, for example ‘open’, ‘done’, ‘deleted’. In addition, you can set a background color and/or an icon for each value. Both are also displayed in table views helping you to keep track easily, for example, of the states of your to-dos.
If you re-name a value later, all data records will be updated accordingly.
You can change the order of the values using drag & drop, which will affect the order of values in dropdown menus.”
Comment: this does not work as said above. In fact multiple values are accepted.  What to do?


to set multiple values is only accepted in multi-choice fields. When in TABLE view, you can FILTER choice fields due to severeal values. Make sure to use the right field (choice/multi-choice) to gain the results you're aiming at.