What is "Handle file as" in Image field properties


In this "Handle file as" selector there are options like:

Size Small, Medium, Large, Original size.

What do they do really?

I thought that selector compresses the uploaded image or keeps its original filesize. 

But changing the option does not reallly do anything. When i download the image i previosly uploaded,  its size is the same as the size of the file i upload.



Changing the option does not do anything for existing files, it will only work for new uploads. 


I tried it before writing here.

You can change between Drawing, Signature or Image. 

But Small Size, Medium Size, ..., Original size do not change the uploaded image size.


I tried setting the option to Small size and uploaded the image.

Then i changed the option to Original size and uploaded the other image to another record.

Then i downloaded those images and compared their sizes to the ones i had before.

The sizes are the same - ninox does not alter the sizes, it seems.


Its  a pity because this way the size of the database will grow unnecesserily. One thing is to have a small resolution image of a client with 200KB, and another is to have an image weighing 4MB.

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Dear Agassi, 

The option does only work for images which are taken with the camera directly via the field option camera.

We have already included this behaviour in our list of requested improvements. We hope to be able to release the fix in one of our upcoming versions.
Thank you very much for your patience.

Best, Jörg

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I'm looking forward to the image element being able to down sample high quality image files. Without this either we run out of Ninox cloud storage in no time if most users upload full quality images from their devices or it takes additional steps to first recompress image files to be as lean as possible (which I'm doing right now).

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Select "Medium" to automatically resize pictures.


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Has this changed with the latest update?

Last time I uploaded photos from files (not camera roll) it did not resize them.


I just tried to set image field property to Medium,  uploaded a big image, then downloaded it. The size did not change. (

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The function works only for pictures you take with the camera of your device.

An improvement of the function is already planned.

Kind regards, Jörg

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Right, I noticed that. I don't use the feature much on my phone. I'm looking forward to having it work with any image file that is attached.