Using the Kanban View to show only certian parts of the workflow

I'm not sure if this is a good idea to use it in this way or I am doing something wrong.

I have a dropdown list on a form for the status of jobs, the options are Pending, On Hold In Progress, Dead, Complete and Invoice Me. I use this field to populate the Kanban Column Headers.

I would like to restrict the amount of column Headeres in the Kanban, so I don't have to see the Dead and Invoice Me options as these will clog up the lists and make it difficult to know what work is still live.

I appreciate I could be doing this all wrong and maybe there is a better way to do this.

Any ideas most welcome.

As a side note, why do some dropdown lists have an empty option and some don't, I can't see what triggers this?

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@DavidW.... that is an interesting use case.. Kanbans form vertical swimlanes based on the values..  

First.. You seem "empty".. when the field that the kanban is based on is "required = no".. If you want to avoid the "empty".. make the field required .. with a default value. 

Now.. stripping off the Dead and "Invoice Me" status.. Hmm..  Interesting.. So.. if you create a filtered table view removing those status.. you STILL see the column.. Makes sense.. as the Kanban is based off the FIELD definition, not the table view.. SOOOO .. hmm... I would have to play with it a lot more... I have a few ideas. but it doubtful they will pan out.. :( 

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OK.. a quick test.. and YES.. Lets assume you have a Status field (all the values you reference above).. and a "View Status" field . that drops the two status you do not want to see.  Put logic in the "Trigger After Update".. and if it is the value you WANT to see. copy it over. if it is one you do NOT want to see. Do not copy it over.. NOW.. here is where a little back door helps.. Declare the "View Status" field as "Required".. but Ninox will still permit it to be null... In most cases.. something bad.. in this case. SWEET.. 

Next.. create table view for all status ... and one for the View Status .. then create Kanban views off those source views.. POOF.. 




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CRAP.. Sorry.. Here is the "View Status" kanban view.