Unexpected continued closure, ipados 13.2.3 ninox ver. 2.6.3
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ipados 13.2.3 ninox ver. 2.6.3

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Please update to the latest version 2.6.4 and try again.

Thank you, Jörg

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Hi Jörg

It's still crashing for me (using 2.6.4 and an iPad 12.9 in Split Screen)



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Same problem, again


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This issue, begin to be a serious problem for our work..

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Hi madeconconsultings, 

Does the issue only occur in the splitscreenmode?

Are you using the also the latest Ninox Version 2.6.4?

Did you also try to use Ninox in the browser in the iPad? Does that crash also?

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best, Jörg.

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No, in normal view,

Yes, I'm using the version 2.6.4

Yes, I've tried, but is not the same work..

thks for your interest..

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Same problem yet, do you have a solution ?



I also crash Ninox regulaly. I have the latest versions of Ninox and iPad iOS. Ninox crash even if I do not use splitscreen.

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Also Ninox crashed without use !!!!


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