Tricky question about sorting for ninox experts…
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hi all, let's say i've got 2 columns

first one is a text one

second one is a selection field

i want to sort the records by the second column and then the first column…

ok i create a third column to type in my sort formula…

the tricky thing is that my selection field has been ordered manually, not alphabetically and not by the id number…

how can i make my sort to work, i mean so that it respect my manually ordered selection field ?

thanks to you genious out there !!!

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Indeed a tricky one since you can rearrange the choice field without even their according value number are changing. So the first created could be the last in the row. I also wonder how to do this. Good brain crusher Laurent...

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You can precede your Choice names with a number similar to how you can order views or you can recreate the Choice field with the items in the desired order and use a formula like text(number(ChoiceField)+TextField. Either way, if you make a change in the Choice field, you will have to manually refresh the view to get the updated sort order.

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hi steven and sean, yes i thought of that, i mean to put 01, 02, 03, etc… before my choice names but it could be very time consuming if once in a while i wanted to change the order… or create new items… even more if the new one is at the start of the list… i even thought of using a, b, c, d, etc… more easely accessible with the hit of one key… i'm wondering if there is another way to achieve this ? i feel i think there is… with an intermediate field or if the choices were provided by a specific table… <= i think this is an idea… ???

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Laurent, If you want to automate updating the rank/order of choices then using a "Choice Table" instead of a "Choice Field" is the way to go.

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thanks sean… i was in the right direction… (but it would be nice if ninox could have that order option [would be the third way : "as it shows up"] - we could use it in formulas - in fact, we're close to already having it when we say ascending or descending in the header of the columns…) - thanks for your answers guys