tracking fedex API



How can i get a automatic stas=tus from fedex on a etracking number that is in the system

i have seen it work in google sheets with json

here is a screen shot and video link

how can i duplicate this result in NINOX i just ned the status of delivery

Capture trk

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@Marc... Great use case..   Doing a quick App search on Zapier .. I did not see FedEx.. however, I did find this..

I also see that FedEx has a developer API..

and a quick GTS (google that sh*t) yielded

So.. it certainly does seem possible. 


well if anyone can explain how to duplicate this result it would be great , i have no idea how to work json

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It seems that your referenced example is using .  

This reviews how to use the http functions..

Support also hosts a weekly webinar covering integrations.. You can register here

If you look in the ENglish Webinar.. there are a few examples..   If you look at 36_Document_Database_Structure.. it shows an example of using the Ninox REST/API to discover the strucgture of your Ninox Cloud / Team Database..  Once you figure out the http calls.. Ninox does a pretty good job and parsing the JSON object for you .. so you can simple refer to the object.. You do have to know the expected field names / types.. etc.. 

If I get some time later.. I will play with the provided example..    

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Here ya go.. 


ShipIt Code.. 



Thank you!!

will try, let you know.


Works great! Further, you can format jason.activities as text and get everything... Thanks Mconneen!

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@mpdickens ... You do not have to "format" it.. It is already a json object.. Just iterate over it.. I was too lazy in the example.. :) 


can you chare a copy of the DB?

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