The online user manual

Do Ninox publish a list of features added to what version page?.

As it would be useful to know what has been added/fixed on various versions.

I'm a still newbie to Ninox and already I can see that the user guide is out of phase with the latest version. Whist this guide gives decent list of what, when and script commands I fell it could do with some reasonable sample alk through models.

Thus, it would also be good if a decent additional guide could be made available. Showing some examples constructions/scripts used etc. ie a simple hotel booking database showing all tables/subforms/scripts etc. How the tables were linked and where the scripts were placed ie at field/form or table level.


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Mel, This has been an ongoing complaint/issue. You might want to look at this thread...


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I especially like this part...


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ah ha. Looks like it is going to be a slow wait then !
I've been using dataease for some 25 years and ther has always been
1) a beginners user manual
2) an advanced manual for (non beginners)

3) a scripts manual (with a decent example agianst each script described in the lexicon)

I only signed up to Ninox this month and have built many tables/forms control forms etc got my head around they way niox works (differs) when compared to other software. BUt ... you can spend hours trwaking through the forum (and very useful you guys are) trying to fin the asnwers to simple things that could easily be found is the developers extendted the user guide

Example in point : take Tabs on the forms. I have created a form with several tabs. each tab has been polulated with many fields and laid out ready for user input. However I now need to reorder the tabs (or insert new tabs) but can't find out if this is doable. I don't eant to add at tab at the end as for some forms i want the tabs to be the order process

ie tab1 take order tab2 process inventry. tab3 process supplier orders etc,

The user guide tells you how to create/delet tabs but does not mention reordering.

Is it possible. Can it be done a scripting etc. who knows



i should say that i am aware of going into form edit fields and dragging atab here. however you then have to ensure hou move all other fields associated with that tab along with whcih is not ideal.

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I bet they implement drag and drop for Tabs and the associated fields before they release an updated user manual 😂

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@Sean heh, heh, ... trouble-maker happy-12

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Maybe all you seasoned and gifted Ninox users could colloborate and put together an

"Hey guys we know you can find your way around Ninox basics but here is our latest of small sample projects and hints and tips manual" OR if you have any HOT TIPS why not post them onto forum but agree to start the thread HOT TIP - how to create multiple forms over tables or HOT TIP - print without cretaing PDF's etc etc. Them all us playing catch up can benefit from your wisdom!

The forum is a great font of knowledge but in some respects its a bit like a dictionary in that you need to know the word you are looking for in order to undestand its meaning.

I am spending many hours on the forum reading lots of unrelated threads to gain further insight.

I'm a newbie to Ninox but not to database structure. Thus if Ninox posted a really good working template example that would be great.

Example in point - one of my test forms has several childs. When editing a child i did not want the child tables to fly out. 

Nothing in the manaul and struggled to find it over formum as did not kwow if there was a function or control for this.
finally found it on a video by Andy Marks!.
"creating controls forms and effectivly throwing the data into the child tables. Brilliant - Certainly stops a lot of irritating forms flying in when entering data into child table

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Mel, that's a good idea ... I've thought along the same lines as well. e.g. "HOT TIPS" or "Tips & Tricks" ...

Additionally, *perhaps* Ninox would consider using different user forum platform...or making changes to the current one?   

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