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I really like Ninox, but I find it a little annoying, as others have said in the past, to want to develop my applications in this DB and I can not because I do not have a good manual or some sophisticated templates.

How difficult it is for you to enrich templates with e.g. buttons that perform complex tasks.

You released version 2.4 a few days ago. So what? Even the link https://ninoxdb.de/en/whatsnew is on 2.3.0.


Come on people...



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What’s wrong with the templates and the manual? 

I have done many applications with Ninox now with the same preconditions as everyone here. 

More appreciation from you here is very well-adjusted and very rude to note the staff at Ninox do not enough work. 


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Complains are all over the forum...

"What’s wrong with the templates and the manual?"


One example only. With v2.4.0 introduced embeded charts in the forms.

How? One example, one line of code?

I'm not rude, I just believe first update the manual then release new version.


Don't forget, this is paid software...




I concur. Elegant software with very good online support let down by a lack of timely or coherent documentation i.e. language definition with working examples. I'm thinking of going back to Filemaker and wait another year or so before I look at Ninox again when they've had time to catch up and its a bit more mature.

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Been the FileMaker way, many hundreds of dollars later and a incompetent support, I went to Ninox. The Ninox team is always there with a solutions or work around if problems occur in short time. 

AU$15 per month full a scriptable I could database is a bargain. 

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for embedded views and carts in the form, please have a look at this thread:


Best, Jörg

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You are also invited to join our Webinar EN 2018 team with sample databases. Just send a short e-mail to support@ninoxdb.de and will invite you to the team.

Greetings, Jörg

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Is there an option for people from overseas those cannot attend the webinar? 

Would love to know more and have samblendatabases to learn more.

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Hi Michael,

you can join the Webinar team (an Ninox Cloud team where the sample databases are stored) also if you are not joining the webinar itself. I already invited you to the team. Please accept the invitation in order to get access to the team.

Best, Jörg

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Hi Nick,

We appreciate your feedback and are in the process of building a comprehensive manual. You have been invited to a webinar team, please accept your invitation to access the use cases. The what's new section will be updated, however details of the new release and all other updates from Ninox will now be posted on our blogs page, https://ninoxdb.de/en/blog/ninox-release-2-4

Please also have a look at the other blogs :)