Table References and Relations
From the example database at that you referred Allen to, it is clear that Ninox has a query language that can be used in formulas. I can't find documentation for those language features on the website. Is it documented somewhere? If so, could you post links?

By the way, I did successfully use the query feature in a database of my own.

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Hi Gerrie,
you'll find more information regarding the language at:
Best regards,
Hello, I have a table that relates locations to contacts and productions with contacts going to call logs that reference a production, and more.

My question is, is it possible to relate a contact to multiple locations? For example, there are many locations that can fall under one city office so the same person would be the primary for more thane location.

I cannot seem to find a way to allow that o happen. As a result, a have added a second contact to the location in case the primary one is already associates with w location, but it gives me 'contact2'.

Thank you for your help. I absolutely love Ninox!! I would only make suggestions about the ability to drag & drop for custom report layouts and be able to include to actual picture rather just a reference to the file name.

Have a nice day!

Lisa in Atlanta, GA
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Hello Lisa,

you can attribute one contact to many locations if you create a reference from "contacts" to "location".

If you like to attribute several contacts to several location, you can use a n:m relation to achieve. Create a new table "relations" and link this table to "contact" and "location". With this relation you can link a contact to multiple locations.

Best regards, Alex
I am testing ninon in the server version. I have an invoicing spreadsheet that I wish to migrate to Ninox (if it works)

The invoicing template you provide seems to do the job except I cannot seem to be able to retrieve item prices from my price reference table the way I would like to. In my spreadsheet, I had a column for each year. Prices would then be looked up in the correct column according to the date of the invoice. This was to keep an archived reference of "older" prices.

I Know it is possible to "paste" the values of the reference table with triggers but I would like to be able to do this while not having to alter my reference table, other than adding a new line/ column of prices each year.

Is this possible (if I have made my request clear enough...)


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Hi Christian,
thanks for giving Ninox Server a try!
The way the invoice template works is that it stores the price per invoice item to avoid that changing an articles price also changes invoices.
Of course, you can also add a price history to articles:
- Create a new table named Article Price
- Add a reference to Article with Composition=Yes
- Add a number field Year
- Add a number field Price
Set the trigger on Invoice Item's field Article to

let y := year(Invoice.Date);
Price := Article.'Article Price'[Year = y].Price

I need some help. I have two tables and need to create a relationship between them. I watched the video on how to do this, but relating the records manually is impractical.
One table has 61000 records.

How can I have the relationship happen automatically when values in a key field in each table match?

Assuming I can do that, then how do I show all unmatched records from one of the tables?


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Hi Steven,
Here is a video

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I've watched tutorial videos and understand the relationship models—but something is still not making sense, or at least not working for me.

My data model is as follows: I've got a got a music compositions table consisting of my works (list of things likes composition name, recording, attributes, etc.). Another table list opportunities to sell my works (e.g. licensing for film, TV, etc.). A third table is a long list of genres that is to be used to tag entries in the other two tables.

I've tried a couple of referencing methods: for example in the music opportunities table, I want to reference compositions from the compositions table as possible tracks I might want to sell for any given opportunity (e.g. record). I set this up as a link TO a reference, where I link from the Opportunities table to the Compositions table. It sort of works: I'm able to select one or more compositions from the compositions table and have them show up in the opportunities records. The PROBLEM is this: once I've selected a composition in one opportunities record, it no longer is available in other records. This makes no sense to me. It's (in my mind) similar to and Invoice/Products reference, where each invoice can have multiple products. When you start a new invoice, you would still be able to choose products that had already been used in other invoices, right?

OK, so when I tried it the other way, e.g. linking FROM one table to the other, it sort of work, but sort of didn't. I did this: In my opportunities table, I wanted to choose from the list of musical genres in that genres table. I did it as a link from. It does allow me to choose multiple genres in multiple opportunities records without removing the genres that have already been chosen in one record. However, it shows the Opportunities table as a subset below the genres table in the sidebar. That doesn't seem right.

Clearly, I'm missing a step (or two) here, but I can't figure it out. Thanks for your help!
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If you could send me a copy of the Ninox database you are working on (Main menu -> "Save Archvie as...") I'm sure that I can find a solution to your problem.

My mail address:
Birger - Ninox Support