table got blank...until i exit and return...and blank again...and formula do not refresh sometimes

I lost all data to blank table...until I exit and return...and some field wont update...and long time loading between operation! I have a good connection (gigabite) and no problem on other site!

What could it be? I have for exemple a field that I put a formula in show only if ... the formula is ok and simple...but it have work few time and now nothing works...I have a pop up alert and it have work few times but now nothing...


very weird! thanks!

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We would like to understand your issu better.

Could you please send an e-mail to and explain your issue a little bit more detailed?

At which point you are working? May be you can send us your database. 

That would help us a lot to give you a better support.

Thank you.

Best, Jörg