send e-mail to multiple users

ok sorry for more questions, solved all those, now my question is

when i create a contact list, for example, James, add it

then i click the magnifying glass to add a contact to it, it brings up the list of all my contacts

here i am only able to select one person at a time from the list, is it possible i am missing something? shouldn't i be able to highlight more than one contact to add to the list at the same time?


i guess yes for now all i need to know is if i am able to slect more than one person from the contact list to add to the email list. that would make life a lot easier

thank you so much for this i feel i am understanding ninox a lot better


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No, you can only add one person at a time - you are actually creating a new record ech time you add a person to a mailing list (in the Contact Email Lists table). In this way you can have people in multiple mail lists. The way I visualised the use of this is that a Contact would be added to a mail list from the Contact record - and you can add as many as you like that way. If you want to be able to add from the Mail List then you should change the Composition field in the refence from Contact Email Lists to Contacts from Yes to No:


Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 13.14.30


Thank you Julian. For future tefefence- could you recommend me how to go about getting a better understanding of the concepts and coding involved in ninox- from the ground up? Something to read. Or should I just play around in practice databases?


Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 14.53.42

as you can see here, from the contacts field, the contact email lists i have saved don't show, i have to click on the + button then add it. guess it's not a problem but is that how you wanted it to work?

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I hope you don't mind if I put my 2 cents in. It's not just practice, you should create experiment databases to test ideas that you can apply to your main database(s). The language reference is here...


If you don't understand basic programming concepts you can choose any programming language, JavaScript is a possibility, but is more capable than Ninox's language, and find a tutorial or book to look at.

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I would echo Sean's remarks about using test databases to try things out.

I'm not entirely certain about the idea of learning another programming language though because Ninox is so much quicker and relatively simple because of the integration of the application structure and database - in other words there's a lot you don't have to write any code for.

One thing I would suggest is that you take  part in the weekly Ninox webinars - although you won't learn all that much each week, you can always ask questions and you'll normally pick up a few hard learned tips along the way. 

There is deifnitely discussion going on at these about creating more learning content and I think this will happen fairly soon - I am even considering doing a series of blog posts to follow on from the Relating to Relational Databases ones (part two hopefully in the next week) and the one I did about sending bul emails on Friday.