send e-mail?
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I made a button with this function:

from: userEmail(),
to: "",
subject: "Hello World!",
text: "Some text",
html: "<h1>Some Text</h1><i>With Markup</i>"


when i push it - nothing happens.

May be i do something wrong?

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are you using Ninox Cloud or the local App for Mac?

Cheers Emanuel

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local App for Mac

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Sending Email from Mac app is not available. 

(only available in Ninox Cloud/Ninox Server teams)

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Am I understanding wright that this function works only when i use browser version?

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Always read the fine print under the asterisk ;-)

** (only available in Ninox Cloud/Ninox Server teams)

You need a payed plan (subscription) to run this kind of code from Ninox Cloud.

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@Ivan.. While I have NOT tried this...   Ninox uses SendGrid as their email service.. (at least I think they do) ..   Looking at SendGrid site.. they offer an REST based email API


You "could" subscribe to SendGrid FREE service and create your own "sendEmail" function that posts to their service.    It caps at 100 emails per day.

That said.. If you are going to go to all that trouble... Heck.. for about $100 / USD a year..  Just upgrade to Ninox Cloud and let them take care of all the configuration.. :)