Searching in a n:1:n table not working
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Searching for a record in linked n:1:n table doesn't seem to be working for me.

I have a table with a list of guardians, another with students, and another that links the two to show their family structure. Then we have another table from which I want to link to the family structure but when I try to search for any guardian's name or students' name, I get no results. Their names are concatonated and shown in two columns, is that why it doesn't work? If so, how can I fix this?


There are two different searches, one of them is a deep search that looks at fields in the tables, but not data generated views. The other is a search within a current table. Have you tried using both searches?


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I'm talking about the search that I get when I click on the field record link to at a record from the other table. I am not aware of two searches for that.

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Having to manually select a record is immensely inefficient. 
To connect our students with all guardians, I have a family structure table. It looks like:

students -> family structure <- guardians

Then in many other tables we need to refer to the family structure like:

payments -> family structure

I concatonated the guardian names and the student names as the main reference column. Now in this case it is still okay to manually select the correct family but in other n:1:n structures where there are many more entries, I find it impossible to link to the correct record without being able to search. 

i hope I'm just doing some silly mistake and there is some simple solution to this.