Search Inside a Table on Ipad, Apple IOS

I am trying to search for a part number inside a table.  For example part number  "CB-4F-1301-01" in field Part Name by searching for the short string "1301".

When I try this using the Find tool from the left side menu the results only include the table record ID "1301" and another record which has "1301" in another field, which I understand since the Find tool searches the entire database.  But, it does not show a result for Part Number "CB-4F-1301-01".

It appears the Find tool wants to get an exact match.

So, I can try to use the search inside table function, but it appears I can only use this from the browser since this function requires either a Right Mouse Key or key sequences.  There is no widget in the GUI.  The manual states the following:

Search inside a table

Ninox offers two ways how to search inside a table:

Right-click on the table view
Strg + F on Windows or Cmd + F on Mac

I have searched the forum and Alexander provided the same answer.

So, how do I execute this type of search on my iPad?

I have been able to get the correct result by using a filter on the Part Name column, but this seems like a very complicated way to achieve the result for such a simple function that I want to give to a user of an iPad.

I am looking for a very intuitive way to get this search to work on an iPad, and the only functions I want to give my users are Search and add a Photo.  Adding a photo is really easy, but getting a correct search result is proving to be more difficult than I would expect.

Any ideas?


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@Jamie...   Two ideas come to mind..   First.. create a field.. called "Search Part Number" and within the "Part Numbers" trigger after update.. put something like the following.. 

let t := this;
t.('Search Part Number' := replace('Part Number', "-", " "))


The "find" feature works on "word" boundaries.. In your part number.. the "-" (dash) makes it all one word.. so it will not find a sub part. 



Another option is to create a Search form.. and a view.. for the view.. use a select something like.. 

let t := this;
(select Product)[contains('Part Number', t.'Search Value')]



If you do not want the user to have to click the desired row to open the detail.. You can put the above view code into a search button .. and put something like.. 

let t := this;
openRecord(record(Product,first((select Product)[contains('Part Number', t.'Search Value')])))

Which wil open the "first" match in case of multiples. 

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I used the Find function in the circled menu and it worked perfectly. I searched using only 1301 as the search criteria.


Sean.  Thanks that works. Duhh.  Sorry to bother everyone for such a simple problem.  To my defense, I did try to find the answer in the online manual.



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No worries, that’s what the forum is for  :)