Question about Sync

When do I need to purchase a Cloud account? 

If I have the Mac version and the iOS version and they both sync with the web version, do I need a monthly cloud subscription? I'm currently running the trial (and very impressed!).

This is for personal use at home.

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@Art,   the Mac and iOS versions will sync to iCloud .. or you can run them locally..    You would get a cloud subscription if.. 

- you do not want to run iCloud 

- you want to be able to access your application from any device (aka a web browser) 

- you have multiple users that need to log on / share the application and or have role based security needs

- you want to take advantage of features only offered in the cloud subscription

- you would rather let Ninox manage the back ups 

- ??? other reasons I did not quickly think of


Awesome answer Mconneen, thank you. So I will lose web access once my trial is over.

I haven't actually bought the Mac app yet but no question I will. I'm loving this so far and can't believe I didn't find it before now. This is what FileMaker should have been!