Print a field image from a linked table don't work


I can't print a simple image from a second table. Here the formula in the document editor :

(select JOB where Atelier.Nom = "CHAUDRONNERIE" and Ordre = this).Codebarre

And in the box, the name of the file with the Id instead of the image :

N140/barcode1.pngCapture d’écran 2019-01-21 à 22.49.55 






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Hi Jerome,

printing images from a seperate table is not possible yet.

Though we are planning this for a future release.

Best, Alex


Thank you Alex.  I have found a solution !!  I use the table view ! 

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Is there an ETA on when we can do this?

Or is there a workaround?

I tried adding this to the tables 'trigger after update', but the image doesn't transfer correctly, and using a formula to bring in the image also doesn't print the image

if Status = 1 then
Image := 'Accepted/Rejected By'.Signature

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Hi Sarah, 

We have planned to make it possible in the future.

There is no specific ETA I could tell you.

Thanks for your understanding and your patience.

Best, Jörg