Populate a multiple choice field with values from a table, and easily add new values


I'm seeking some help with Ninox on Mac. I am working with a contacts DB from the supplied template, and I would like to record my contacts' different interests. Some of these interests will overlap among contacts, and I plan to use this information to target outreach in the future.

I would like to:

1) populate a multiple choice field from a table of Interests, because I anticipate adding interests over time, and it is tedious to edit the multiple choice field manually each time I want to add a new interest.

2) add a button (and possibly a field) on a form to help me easily add new choices to the Interests table.

Could someone help me with this? I'm new to Ninox, and I have a little background in Filemaker.

Some screenshots below from what I have so far.


Contacts 2019-05-26 13-11-48


Contacts 2019-05-26 13-18-55


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The only way a Multiple Choice field can be edited currently is through "Edit fields...". You already have the Table Reference set up, you could click on the Search icon in your Interests field and select from the choices that way. To add a new Interest item you can click on the Add record icon next to the Search icon. Just a suggestion.

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