Managing precision in number field, seeing non-exact values.
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I have coded in many frameworks over the years and have never encountered such a thing from raw storage of a number. I have seen numerous rounding issues, but flipping to floating point, and managing the final displayed value tends to resolve the user-facing issues. But at the back end, to watch a number change simply by exiting a textbox is, in my recollection, unheard of.

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Same here, number field.

I enter 22940,62 and get this

Screenshot 2019-11-06 at 20.18.19

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I had been working on this for another project, but it could apply here...


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Sean, interesting approach, thank you.  I have done similar in the past in very unique circumstances. In my case, i am essentially creating the equivalent to a general ledger-based crypto exchange (for all intents and purposes), so you can imagine how many number fields are involved.  This approach would be entirely impractical.

I am trusting that a simple backend storage choice will be updated that will render this situation solved, with a subsequent update letting me (and us) move on.  

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