Just install Ninox 2.6 Desktop , impossible to make change in a rich texte field
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Do you have the same problem?

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Have my answer. A update version is comming out.


i have this problem too - it's really annoying - when is new version coming out?

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The new version is available in the App Store now.

Kind regards, Jörg


Dear Jorg,

I can't find the update on the App Store. Please tell me what version of Ninox will fix the inability to edit or write into RTF fields and confirm that it is on the App Store site.

Many thanks

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Be patient,
depending on your country App Store, it will probably be available in a few hours.


It still doen't fix the ability to paste text into a rich text field.  Anyone know when this will be fixed?

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the update work perfectly for rich text fields


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but not for copy paste text




Same, can not paste text into a rich text field.

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