Is there a way to get a checkbox to look and act like a checkbox in the TABLE view?

I just want to check off the item that was done without having to go to the attached form. Apple Reminders is an example of how this works.


It is not possible, though a great suggestion. I will add it to the change request


I would like this feature, too. I would use it often.

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Thanks for your feedback. We will consider it.



I have it on the Chanfe Requests database already. See CR#1206


In order make the checkbox field type act like a real checkbox, here is something to consider:

A checkbox should have two states:

1. Checked
2. Unchecked

A paper form with a checkbox has these two states. The Checkbox field in Ninox has three states:

1. Checked (value is "Yes")
2. Unchecked (value is "No")
3. Not Specified (value is null)

This causes confusion, since expressions cannot simply query for "No", because a query for items that are not checked must include a check for "No" and for null.

My thought is that a checkbox field should be a different type of field from a Yes/No field, and have only two states.


You can do that by making it required, and setting the default value to No (or Yes)