Import (jpg) pictures from Bento?

The conversion program didn't include the Picture field from Bento.  Everything else worked as expected.  The pictures are in nearly all of the 500 records and is the main reason I bought this program to import my old Bento database which has the pictures.  It will take months to put them back in -- if this database can even handle them (just downloaded it about an hour ago).  VERY disappointing.

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Dear Paul, 

There is also a tool to import attachments (also images). You need the (unique) file name of the picture in a field of the record.

More information about that tool you will find here:

Kind regards, Jörg



I was horrified that the whole column was missing from my converted database from Bento.  I was close to dumping the whole app as a waste when I happened to click on the Funnel at the top.  THEN I found that not all of the columns were being shown as a DEFAULT as in any other DB program I have used.  I dragged the Pictures column over by instinct and there was 2 months of effort displayed.  WHY NOT show all the columns as a starting default for new DBs and let the user HIDE them later rather than have a cardiac arrest first?