I cannot put the number of flat at the adress in the location field

I cannot put the number of the flat, or sometimes, others important things that describe the adress.

For exemple. In Spain is "calle Dortor Madrazo, 5º2ª, 08006 Barcelona.

I could put this information at the location field, but after the new update it is impossible.

There is some way to put this information?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,

David A.Salazar

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Hi David, 

Thank you for your information. 

I have checked that I have already included this in our list of requested improvements. We hope to be able to publish them in one of our upcoming versions.


At the moment you can work with a little workaround: 

If you add an additional text field (e.g. "Title") you can use it to put your different information into the location field with the fuction on a button or on the trigger after update in the properties of the text field.


Location := location(Title, latitude(Location), longitude(Location))



Thank you very much for your patience.

Best, Jörg

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Jorg, will it ever be possible for the  location function to read a location from address fields and place a marker on a map? Use case is placing contacts into an itinerary where distance from international airports may be important. Thanks. 

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Or alternatively, is there a way to create a button that pops up a Google map loaded with the address? 

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Hi David, 

We have it already on our list of improvements to enter an Address in the location field and then click on the search button of he location field and it will open Google Maps and search there that address. We hope to release that in one of our upcoming versions. Thanks for your patience.

Kind regards, Jörg