How would I check to see if my SKU text field is unique and that no other values SKU of that value is in the table?

Hi there,

I have a table called Product with a Text Field called SKU how would i check that the value of the new or updated SKU is unique and does not already exist within the table?

On a second note would there be anyway of randomly generating an SKU of six digits i.e 123456 that odes not already exist in the SKU field?

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One simple way to check for duplicates (formula field)


let d := SKU;

cnt((select Product where SKU = d).SKU)


Where the result is 2 it's double...


Many thanks Nick I will give it a try.


I have used the following code in both trigger on create and update but no warning is displayed, is there something i am doing wrong?

let d := SKU;
let countSKU := cnt((select Product where SKU = d).SKU);
if countSKU > 1 then alert("Duplicate!") end

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