How to make the fields in print preview editable (for data entry).?
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For invited guests that have edit rights is it possible to make the fields in the print preview editable? By editable I mean as in data entry (not resizing or repositioning). If yes, could their tab order also be set?

If not, would this be difficult to add as a new feature? Many businesses have a need to fill in complex wysiwyg forms.


Hi Westy,

Just curious and trying to understand your business case; why would you want to those fields to be editable while in print preview?

Can't you just create a form that meets all business requirements and let the users fill in the data themselves and simply hit print when all data is they way they like it using a "print layout" that also meet all requirements?

Let me know if I have misunderstood your question :).


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Good questions. Our forms are very intense; some have over 500 fields per form. We can not change the forms; they are copyrighted. Our users expect to be able to fill in the forms directly. They do not want to have to jump back and forth between the data entry screen and the print preview to see how the data looks on the form. From our perspective, we would prefer not to have to layout the fields for every form twice, which could lead to mapping errors. We support over 850 forms.


Hi Westy,

Just to be 100 procent sure; you would like to work as follows?
-Recreate the proprietary forms in Ninox (in exactly the same way)
-Hand out access to these forms to the people that would enter data into these forms
-You collect and process this data in Ninox

Also, just to understand you better, why would like to “jump back and forth between the data entry screen and the print preview to see how the data looks on the form”? I would say you could already make sure that the form that you use for data entry already has the correct lay-out so that your data gets eventually gets printed in the way you would like it? And thus there would be no use for the print preview to verify that the layout is correct?

Also, I am not yet sure why having a lot of 'fields' would make things more complicated? I agree that the forms would be fairly cumbersome, but that seems to come with the nature of the business?

Sorry for all the questions; just trying to understand you better :).


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"They do not want to have to jump back and forth ... to see how the data looks on the form."

Interestingly, this issue goes all the way back to DOS vs Windows, decades ago. When we first started providing software for filling out forms we used a WYSIWYG interface. First for the Mac in 1984 using a software package called Megaforms. Later when Windows 3.1 came out we did the same for pcs. Prior to that time nearly everyone was using DOS. Fortunatley for us times changed and people started using WYSIWYG forms.

Then the "mobile first" craze came along with responsive layouts. We are fine with responsive layouts. They just do not work very well with intensive forms that require a lot of fields in a small amount of form space. Our users do not want to flip through 10 or more screens to do what they were achieving on one screen. There are a lot of businesses in numerous vertical markets that require the gathering of large amounts of data on letter size forms; for example: law offices, real estate agencies, hospitials, insurance agencies, government agencies, etc. These forms are not going to be filled out on an iphone or an android device. Ninox already offers some nice layout options. Perhaps they could add one more, a WYSIWYG form. I think it would result in the sale of more Ninox licenses.

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For clarification, when I refer to a "WYSIWYG form" I mean a layout similar to the print preview layout, which currently allows placement of a letter size form image, with data entry fields layered on top of the image. Essentially, the "WYSIWYG form" could be exactly like the current print view, except users could enter/edit data in the fields. The ability to control tab order would also be nice. I am not asking for the ability to add line and box elements, pasting in an image of the form in the background works fine as it is.

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Dear Westy, 

Thank you very much for your suggestion. 

We would appreciate if you add your input into our Change Requests database. Then you will get direct feedback from our developers as soon as they work on that issue.

I sent you a separate invitation to the Ninox Cloud Team "Ninox Beta Team".
There is a database "Change Request" in which errors, wishes, suggestions etc. can and should be entered. When creating an entry, please specify the product, i.e. "Cloud" or "Android".
Thank you very much.

Kind regards, Jörg


Hi Jörg,

Please could I also get an invite to this Beta Team? thankyou


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Hi Richard, 

The invitation is sent. ;)

Best, Jörg


Hi Jörg,

Please invite me too.


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