How to make more than one selection for a single field linked to another table?


I have a table called "People" and a table called "Movies".

In my "Movies" table, I have a field called "Translator", which is linked to my "People" table.

It works well when there's only one translator for a given movie, but how can I select more than one entry from my "People" table, from my "Translator" field, in my "Movie" table?

Thank you!

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Create a composit table within Films... call it Translator...   Translator has a reference to person. 


From Films.. add translators.. :) 



Hi Mconneen,

Thank you for your kind answer.

I tried to do what you told me, but I wasn't able to create a composit table...

I read about the differences between the Composit Relationship and the N:M-Relationship, but I'm not sure which one would be better in my case... Anyway, I wasn't able to do the composit relationship, but I managed to create a N:M relationship:

Capture d’écran, le 2019-04-09 à 12.22.16

Capture d’écran, le 2019-04-09 à 12.22.57

"Films" is linked to "Personnes" through three different tables: "Réalisateurs", "Traducteurs (JP)", and "Traducteurs (EN)"...

It seems to work well, but, before going any further, I'd really like to understand the differences between the two types of relationships...

Also, from an interface perspective, it's not clear how I can delete, for example, a translator from a "Film" entry...

Thank you very much!



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Etienne ... Bierger's webinar today was on this very topic.. You should be able to watch that shortly. 

Basically .. Composite tables are inside the parent table.  When you delete the parent record.. it will delete the child records automatically .. 

There are some other differences.. but that is the main one.. :) 


Oh, I see...

Thank you for the heads-up!