How to calculate a sum of a part of data lines
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Hallo, I like to make a sum of all data, which have the same value in a second colume. For example:

Colume one: "Leistung" Values (Beratung / Nebenkosten )

Colume two: "Berechnung" Value = €

I like to install a field which calculate the sum of "Berechnung" if the correspondent field "Leistung" is the value "Beratung".

Thanks for your help.

regards Martin

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Hi Martin,

if the Leistung is choice field and Beratung is the first choice, use formula field with this code:


sum((select YourTable where Leistung = 1).Berechnung)



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Hi Nick,


thanks for your help. I did the same wihtout any positiv result. I think the data structure is the problem. So I will check this point now.




Hallo Martin,

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