How do I adjust the column widths of a referenced field when it pops up?
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This pop-up windows is annoying. I can't figure out how to adjust the column widths so they stay the width I set them. How do I do that?

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Switch to Admin mode before hit the referenced field. When the window pops up, adjust the desired column width and finaly make a selection.

After that Ninox prompts you to save changes or revert them.

Save changes and you are ready to go...  

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That does not work. I'm doing it exactly as you say, but Ninox does not prompt me to save the changes.

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Somehow I got it working, but this is not intuitive at all since I have no idea how I made it work, and that is wrong. It should be nothing more than I adjust the columns, and they stay adjusted. Here's what I did:

I switched the linked field "Show As" from "Field" to "Table."

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Then I opened the field to make a choice, and I adjusted the column widths, I selected a record, closed the window, switched the field back to "Field" view, saved the changes, and that did not work!!! I did it a second time, and it did work. See what I mean, I can't make any sense of it. It shouldn't be this hard.

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Click the wrench upper left, click the field in the record, click the wrench in the field, change the "Show As" to Table, adjust the column widths in the record table, click save changes. Now go back and change the field back to "Filed" view. The column widths of the pop-up window are now set based on how they were adjusted in the record view when it was set to "Show As" Table.

Is that confusing enough? It's crazy. No reason why I shouldn't be able to adjust the column widths and those changes stick.

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That is how I found to fix it. It's broken as far as I'm concerned.


I'm having the same problem Mr. K is having, however, even the workaround isn't working for me.

I've had problems getting Ninox to maintain my pop-up window column-width changes for months but I rarely do it and I've always been able to get around it by forcing Ninox to prompt me to save, then making my column width changes before saving. But now that doesn't even work.

I've tried making the changes while using the Ninox app, the Ninox website, I've tried it on my Mac, my PC, in Chrome, in Firefox, etc etc. I'm trying to make a change now that is pretty important and I'm at a standstill. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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@Mr. K and @BlairW... The key is in FIRST clicking the wrench (aka .. the admin role.. the I want to wrench on something and fix it mode).. If you watch the Ninox Learning Channel .. Our Pal Andy has one sitting on his desk.. :)   and THEN doing the configuration / change. 


We can argue over the whys and what fors.. but this is just the way it works.. 

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Well, it's much more complicated than that. The only way it works is how I described above on Friday, July 26, 2019 12:31 AM

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@Mr K.. what platform are you on?  Here is a sample from an "Invoice" database.. where there is a customer search .. 



and clicking the Customer Search yields.. 




If I want to change the order of the fields such that it is sorted in customer last name ascending order.. All I have to do is.. 

1.  Navigate to a new invoice. 

2.  Click the wrench icon in the upper right.. This puts me into Admin mode. 

3.  Click the Customer Search magnifying glass. 

4.  Adjust the view as I desire (drop ID.. move last name to first column, resize columns, etc..  ) 

5.  Click Cancel

6.  Click Save Changes.. 


And POOF.. the search / pop up is as I defined it..   As Randy Travis said it long aog.. "Forever and ever, Ahmen" .. LOL



So ... the key is going into the Wrench / Admin mode.. then adjusting the view as you see fit. 

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