Help with charts



So what I am after is some easy to use chart tools


I have created a few tables to track investment returns; multiple investment types.

to do this I have created a sub table showing different investments and tracking performance over time.

This table is tracking various different investments.  I have linked performance on basis of investment name.

I now want to create a chart showing the value of the investment over time.  The options I have do not offer me an option to chart simple value over time. I can sum, I can max, I can min etc.. but nothing showing actual value over time as per the data I have entered.


Sounds a little complex, but hopefully some screen shots will help.

I have circled what I want to chart

Preferably value on y and date on x axis

The source table is also shown, it has data on multiple investments, I only want to show data relating to the specific investment name. 



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@j_monson.. Are you looking for something like this?? 



Then "edit columns" and select Date and Unit Value. 


This worked - but only in the tracker table itself

if I sit a chart in a summery table that has a reference to the tracker table - the same formula does not work, I can click on choose columns and can see correct column - but no data shows up.


I suspect an incorrect formatting of reference in the [Name=t.Name] part to correctly point to the data ?  Thoughts?

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A screen shot would be helpful. :)


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In my prior example..  Assuming a Summary table that has a field called Date .. and a relationship to Investments (your tracker table).. 

let t := this;
(select Investments)[Name = t.Investments.Name and Date >= t.Date]