Get Calsulated Fields From API

Hello! I use your API to analyze data in Tableau, but when uploading data from a table, I can only get the original fields, but I can not get the data from the calculated fields. How can I get data from calculated fields via API? Would you help me out of this?

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@M. Zekovic 

I have experienced the same and have mitigated it two different ways.. 

Share this View


While on the form.. click the gear and then Share this View.. pick your desired output format and copy the URL and share that URL .. The down side..  no security other than the obfuscated URL.. 

Create shadow table without formulas


This is a bit of a pain..  Use triggers to create a row in a shadow table has static fields in stead of the formulas.. It is a snapshot / point in time..

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Also.. depending on use case.. You can create a hidden / static field on the table itself that has the desired output format.. For example.. a complete JSON view of the table record.. which is rather easy using the formatJSON function .. 


@ M. Zekovic, I'm looking for a Tableau WDC to access Ninox. Seems to built one. Can you share some details & WDC code you have used please? Are you accessing Ninox by API (including API key and Ninox credentials) for authentication or by the view share feature?