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I've imported to tables from csv files. What I didn't notice before importing is that the Date column in each csv was formatted slightly differently. 

I'm now trying to format the dates in the tables so that they display the same way, but I'm not having any luck.

I tap on the 'Date' column, tap f(x), then in the text field enter <format('Date',"DD/MM/YY")>. As a result the Date column is then blank and in the formula text field I get the following <ERR("Symbol expected: )")

Can someone let me know where I'm going wrong please? I using the iPad version.

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@Steve... what is the field type of the imported date field?   I assume text..     What are the varying formats of the date field? 

What I have done in the past is.. after the import.. I write a quick script that converts the text date into a date data type.. In my case, the dates were all formated in text consistently as  mm/dd/yyyy..   So my convert function looks like

function strToDate(s : text) do
let d := split(s, "/");
date(number(item(d, 2)), number(item(d, 0)), number(item(d, 1)))