First page is blank in Safari and/or Chrome when using PRINT PDF to print long multi-line fields over many pages.

PRINT PDF output is buggy. Specifically, long mulitipage reports composed of single-line data fields and one long multi-line field format print a PDF correctly in the OS x app, but leave the first page blank in Safari and/or Chrome and start the long text field on the following page. I have been searching for a work around for a week and I am pulling my hair out...  I have single-line fields and multi-line with a lot of formatted text, the PDFs output with blank pages, then start the long text field on another page. is there ANY way to get long text fields to wrap over multiple pages so you don't get blank pages...? This is a big deal for us requiring some type of solution. Anybody have any ideas...?



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It's possible to let a long multi line field run from page 1 and so out, but you lose the top/bottom margins. Does'nt look good. Got it working after 40 test pages. Needed to start with an empty print layout, add the multi line field and push it up over the top margin to get it start on first page. Field also need to be in "Fixed height" mode. However, the top/botton margins are lost on any layout with long text fields as fare as I can see. You can see my "best shot" in enclosed image opened in Apples PDF-viewer.


Hi Off-Grid,

Thanks for your response and help. What you have described is also what I have experienced. For us, as with almost 99.9999% users, the ability to output data sets in useable formats is at least 50% of why we use a database to store, measure and manipulate data. We have found that it is easy to get a usable format in the app that can be printed as a PDF. We even found that we can achieve a usable result on the web if we approach the problem on a per computer basis and we tune the document to print usable output on each and every computer it will be used to be used on and printed from. Frankly, this is unreasonable even if viewed from the most basic of business cases.

if there is no reasonable method fto achieve a useable document, we will have to transition to a platform that can. I believe the developers of this platform understand the business case(s) of formated data. Specifically, we are tyring to output a data set in a simple, usable format that uses less than 10 U. S. letter pages and found it cannot be done with repetitive success. 




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Hi Marvin, 

Thank you for your input.

We are already working on that issue. We hope to release a fixed version soon.

Thanks for yoru patience.

Best, Jörg