Confirmed on my end as well. popupRecord works fine on my Mac and iPad, not so fine on the iPhone.
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Hello from a new user in the US!

Now that I have gotten familiar with the basics and now want to learn more about how to program in NX. Here are a few things I'd like to do for starters, if these are possible:

1. Set the background color for a text, number, or formula field to something other than the default, as we can with choice fields.

2. Set the default value for an input field as an entry from another table, on creation of a new record.

3. Import new icons into the Ninox icon library, for use in choice displays and tables.

These have almost certainly been answered elsewhere, so please feel free to send me links to where I can find them onsite. Thank you!
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Hello Laura,

thanks for your comment.

To answer your questions:
1. Is is nor possible to set the background color of text, number, date... fields. You could set the background color for formula fields but the different color qould be their only content.
2. Here is any simple expample to show you how this can be achieved.
Student Attendance
3. You can't add icons. You can use emojis.

Birger - Ninox Support
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Hi, Birger,

I tried responding earlier but may not have properly posted it. Thanks so much for your help!

I have two questions.

First, I looked but could not find a formula field in the tutorial you posted that used color in any way. Could you point me to the right location to view the technique?

Second, do you have an example of an embedded emoji and how it is used?

Thanks very much.
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Hello Laura,

1. We have this feature to use colors on conditions on the list. For now, you can use color("red") in a formula e.g.

2. When you you on create you can set default values like:
let c := create tableName;
c.Name := "text"

3. Importing a custom icon set is a very good idea we put on the CR list.

If there are questions, drop a line to support@ninoxdb.de

Best regards,

+1 to Laura's request to be able to set background colours for fields - ideally I'd like to be able to set the background colour, text colour and font (with italics, underline, bold, and preferably size). I don't want to do this via a formula, just via the usual Apple selection palettes etc.

Are you considering this as an enhancement by any chance?

Thanks, Alan.
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Alexander, thank you!

Re your item 1, could you show me an example of a command or formula that uses color() to change the color of text in a field? I'll also email you at support.
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Hi Laura,
- Create a formula field.
- Give a formula like this
if 'Date' = today() then

Note that formula fields can only hold either a color or content (text, numbers,...).

Birger - Ninox Support
Hello, I very like the software. I am trying to make some actions. Its could be some new features for your next updates:
- Possibility to print the week or calendar plan
- Possibility to print a layout with multi line selection
- Possibility to chose or see the text Name of the Day (ex "Monday"...) on the filter tab
- Possibility to modify the calendar working time

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Thanks Federico!
This is or has been added to our feature request list.

Birger - Ninox Support