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Hi Sandpiper,
- to check if a field has content, just put the field into the formula, like


- to check if a field has no content:

not MyField

- to check if a field contains some text:

MyField like "foo"

Hi Frank
Yes that worked. At at a very early stage in learning ninox but am gradually feeling more confident.
I have a table with many fields and so I have created a form with several tabs with just a few fields in each tab to make managing that data easier. (I tried subtables but this ended up being easier.) I would like to have the date field appear on every tab but it looks to me as if a field can only appear on one tab at a time. Is that the case or is there a way to duplicate fields for tabs?
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Hello, each field can only appear once in the form.
As a workaround you could create different date fields and use trigger to populate them with the same value.
Best regards, Alex
Hi - I like Ninox. I've migrated from Bento and it seems to work very well.

I have a second Mac on which I'd like to run Ninox. Is that possible?

Also, could you set up your Wordpress log-in & password reset dialogues in English, please?

Thanks, Mick
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Hi Mick,
absolutely, just make sure that your database is stored on iCloud (cloud symbol attached to the database). If not: Database menu => Duplicate, Storage: iCloud).
On the other Mac, go to App Store => Purchases and install Ninox. This won't charge you twice.
I have used Ninox for almost 12 months and been frustrated because I couldn't do what I did in Filemaker years ago, but looks like the new version will do it! Thank you!
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Hi Ken,
thanks for your feedback.
If you have questions also write at any time to support@ninoxdb.de.
There is a solution for nearly everything what can be done with FM.

Best regards, Alex
I am looking at Database products for my MacBook and Ninox is one I've seen mentioned. I've searched unsuccessfully for details for that SQL querying support there is. I come from an Oracle / SQL Server background and while I'm not looking for a tool as sophisticated as either of those, I do want to be able to write my own queries, etc. Is that supported?
Ooops, that's poorly worded. Can you tell me what support Ninox has for people who want to write their own SQL queries?