Email sent confirmation

Is there any way to confirm an email was successfully sent? I have buttons with email formulas and I'd like to maybe be able to change the colour of the button once an email has successfully sent? Or have a notice pop up saying "email sent"?

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@Sarah... That is a GREAT question...   You could add an "alert" after your sendEmail syntax... HOWEVER.. all that will do is tell you the command did not have any syntax issues.  I believe the Ninox provide mailrelay .. while usually quick.. is on a different thread..  


You could also include an account on the BCC..  and create a Zappier to watch that account and update that it was received.. but all that will tell you is that YOUR BCC received it.. You will not know if the TO was received.. bounced.. what have you.. 


Usually, on a hard Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) bounce (meaning the TO address does not exist), most email gateways will eventually send a bounce back message to the sending email address.    I created a bogus email address and did a send mail.. and have yet to get a bounce back.   Looking at the email headers, I see the following:

Return-Path: ⁨<>⁩

Return-Path: ⁨<>⁩


So it appears that Ninox is using sendgrid as the SMTP mail relay…  Looking into the documentation.. I see the following:


So it appears that Ninox “could” enable a bounce notification..  or provide a periodic bounced email file.