Email doesn't work with Ninox DB mac version
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Why this script doesn't work with the version 2.5.1 of Ninox DB mac version  and work fine with the cloud version (Courriel is a email fields)

let myLayout := "Factures";
let myName := "Facture " + 'No facture' + ".pdf";
importFile(this, printAndSaveRecord(this, myLayout), myName);
from: "",
to: Courriel,
subject: "Factures",
text: "Merci de continuer à nous faire confiance",
html: "<p>Vous trouverez ci-inclus ma facture pour les services rendus.</p><i>James Déraps</i>",
attachments: files(this)
Status := "Envoyé"


I'm having the same issue.  My script works with iCloud version, but not on mac version.


Sorry, I meant to say it Works only on the Ninox cloud version. 


Upon further investigation it appears to be an issue with the sender address. The database must be hosted on the Ninox cloud and the sender must be a registered Team Member.

Databases operating on the mac desktop and ipad apps do not recognize the sender address.  Is there a work around?

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The email functionalities just work on Ninox Cloud and Ninox Private Cloud. But you can integrate IMAP or GoogleMail with Zapier or Integromat.