Displaying Multiple Image Attachments from Multiple Records
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Something like this?


Create as many formula fields with the code displayed like above as needed but increment the highlighted number.

Let me explain: the first line 'let currRec := this;' puts the current records'ID in thge variable currRec.

In second line 'select Customer where ParentOfCustomer = currRec' i create an array of all the records linked with the current record and with 'item(select Customer where ParentOfCustomer = currRec, 0)' I select the first recordID in line of that array (arrays starts counting with zero)and put it in variable i with let i:= ....

Third line, with
I pull up the Photo.


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PS: Used example database is the built-in Invoices template

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This looks promising Steven! Could you share the file you used so I can see it and hit the ground running?

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Sure, here it is....



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