Display field only, if issue
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I have multiple colorcoded appointment fields with corresponding buttons that copy the dates from one field to the next in order to view the "status" of a scheduled project by color on the calendar. I have the copying and pasting all worked out, but I only want to view one appointment field on the form at a time. To solve this I have told each of the appointment fields to only display when the status field has been updated to the appointment field's corresponding status. The status is updated with the same button that copies and pastes the appointment date and time into the correct field.

Here's an example: there is a "Standby" appointment field that is not shown on the calendar. The field should only be visable when the "Project Status" is at "Standby". Hitting the "Add to Calendar" button changes the "Project Status" to "Scheduled" this means the "Standby" appointment field should no longer be visible and the "Scheduled" appointment field should appear in it's place.

The problem is, once I assign the "Display field only, if" to 'Project Status' = "Scheduled" the field is no longer visible and does not reapper no matter how many times I change the status back to "Scheduled", whether I'm using the button or selecting the option in the choice field.

Is this a glitch in the program or am I doing something wrong?

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Well, I figured it out. Just needed to use the number associated with the choice in 'Project Status' and not the string. Works perfectly now.