Dialog function when creating a new record
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Good morning, everyone,

How to integrate this function when creating a new record:

let result := dialog("Alerte avant céation ORT", "Offre déjà existante?", ["Oui", "Non"]);
if result = "Oui" then
openTable("Offres clients", "En Suspens")

with a button it works fine but nothing happens when I integrate it into the trigger on creat function

thank you in advance for your help

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You are correct... the dialog function will NOT fire from the trigger.   I recall in some other thread Ninox saying this was by design to mitigate some other issues. 

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thank you for your help, so if I currently understand well no possibility to do what I wanted, I will look for another solution thank you!


You need to create a new records with a button. Just finishing your formula with the function createRecord()

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Dialogs (and Alerts) will not work an onChange Triggers - only on Bottons.