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How to recover deleted database?


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Where was your databases stored?

In a Ninox Cloud team you can use the function "Restore" and restore one of the "Automated backups".


If you had you databased stored locally and you have TimeMachine enabled on your device, you can restore the data.

The Ninox databases are stored on your local device as follows:

Ninox App - Local databases on the Mac:

Note that the "Library" folder is accessible in the Finder like this:
- Open Finder.
- Select "Go" from the menu and press the "Option" key.



The path for the data you have stored in your iCloud is the following:
cd ~/Library/Mobile\Documents/BJE6SD455T~de~ninoxdb~ninox-ios/data

Please note that this path can only be opened via the Terminal and not via the Finder.


Kind regards, Jörg


Thank you.  I was hoping to find the cloud data.