Hey, I'm working on the the cloud version on a mac in  safari.

I need to be able to enter dates on my form not in the american format (mm/dd/yyyy) 

but in the way the rest of the world formats dates (dd/mm/yyyy)

The inbuilt 'date' and 'appointment' fields use the American format but me and my team need all type in the European format. how can I get the functinoality of the calendar to be in European format without it being super complicated? I can't seem to find a simple solution. Just changing the device preferences doesnät seem to work on the cloud version on a mac in  safari.

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If you do an internet search using your preferred search engine, you will find explanations for changing the date format for most browsers.


The date format on all my browsers and on my Mac's settings are in the European standard format. So this doesn't seem to make any difference. If there is no simple way of doing is there a more chunky workaround in code? Remember I don't want to be able to simply view dates in the European date, I need for a team of people to be able to type in the European format, DD/MM/YYYY 

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I don’t have any experience with the cloud version, but it’s strange that the system and browser settings don’t fix the problem. Support eventually answers questions that users don’t. If you need a solution quickly, you should contact support directly.

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Hi Bilderblitz, 

Ninox takes the format from the browser settings. If you still have the issue, could you please send us an e-mail to support@ninoxdb.de that we can possibly have a look on it together? Thank you.

Best, Jörg


hi, I've the same problem. In every pc i tried, the date format changed from DD/MM/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY. The settings of date/time/zone in all PC are correct, they are in European format. There is a strange thing: yesterday, in a windows 10 PC i logged-in as admin and there wasn't the problem, when i changed log-in with user log, the date formt was wrong. How is it possible?!?! I tried in 6 different PC, in 2 MAC and IPAD: the date format is wrong. Please help me!

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Let me have a look:

You can book a complementary screensharing session with me via this link:



The problem seems to have resolved itself. The closest I can get to figuring out why the format on the mac version wasn't syncing is that maybe it was while I was trialing the iphone and android versions of the application that something went screwy.

It seems to all be okay now, but I do wish there were some more easily editable formats like there is in excel, it would be nice to be able to flip between things like date and time formats. In the iphone and android apps for example I don't like that the default time entry shows a clock face instead of just a number format.