Controlling the behaviour of the form reading pane
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Is there any way to control the trigger for the form reading pane?  One of the great features of Ninox is being able to do inline editing in views. But while a slow double-click opens the cell, a fast double-click triggers the form. When you're working fast this is a constant problem.

So is there a way to change the behaviour of the pane? Maybe a triple click instead of a double? Or is there another way to call up the pane, by using a button or something?  


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Great feature request :-)


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OK ... should I add it to the feature requests thread, or just leave it with you?


I second this, this is one of those things that always seems to get in the way of usability :p

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I put it in our feature request list now. Thank you for your feedback and good input for the further developement of Ninox.

Best, Jörg