Choice partially hidden

If "CHOICE" is selected as "A", can "CHOICE2" display only "A1". "A2". "A3", are other options hidden?choice

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WOW.. Interesting use case.   As "Display Field Only If".... is at the FIELD level... I would think that you would have to create THREE different Chocie 2 field sets .. one for A1, A2,A3 .. another for B1, B2, B3 .. etc..  and display based on Choice.   To ease use by other parts of the application.. You may want to create a HIDDEN "Master Choice 2" field.. that does have all the choices as you display (A through C)..  and set that.. 

At least.. that is my off the cuff thoughts.. 

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Or great a global function and pass the Table record into it.. The global function can look at Choice. then return the proper Choice 2 set.. :)