Can a field appear on TWO tabs of the same form view?
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Doing a bit of RTFM (Read the FUN Manual)...

I see the following. 

You can interchange data fields between tabs using drag & drop. Simply drag a data field onto the label of the tab you want to move it to.

That works great.. What if I would like the same field on TWO different tabs?   I get that I can create a shadow field.. but is there a way to have a field on more than one tab?  I tried shift drag.. ctl drag.. not sure if I missed it. 

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If you don't need to edit the field on more than one tab, you could just create a formula field using that field as the formula.

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Having a field on two tabs is not possible. As suggested by slowwagon above, you can use a formula field to view the field on a different tab.

Sakshi- Ninox

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Right.. hence my comment "I get that I can create a shadow field".... so for view.. that is the way to go (for now).. Sounds like a nice FEATURE REQUEST.. :) 


If you want to be able to edit the field on both tabs, create a separate field for each tab (e.g. 'field' & 'field1'), and in the "Trigger after update" use field1:=field ('field'), and field:=field1 ('field1')

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Michael, all things being equal, your suggestion would lead to an infinite update trigger.


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@Drew ... At lest via the MacApp..  the triggers after update are fired via UI interactions, not other triggers / code. 

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true, true, tis why i dropped the "all things being equal".  The lack of triggering has caused me to alter how i code up my business rules.  I wish there was a more robust approach.  I have asked for an object.Refresh() function to allow us to force a reset/trigger from within code.

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When it is important enough.. I put the rules (after update / on create) into a global function.. then call them from other code snipettes.


Interestingly enough.. If you use Integromat (or Zapier) .. those rules DO fire... well at least at the table level.. Have not tried the individual field level. 

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I don't (yet) know those products, but will check, thanks.  I have an extensive global set of functions which mostly work well, but am fighting a bizarre set of circumstances where Ninox loses sight of the function once *outside* the editing window.  I have sent in a support request and posted about it here on the forums.  Utterly odd, as for example, i will created simple functions that can act as code sugar by return, for example, 2 for the value of a debit. then i can "let debit := getDebit();".. Seems silly until you scope out framework refactoring issues.  This was working great until Ninox started getting stuck and no longer identifying the callable function despite finding it within the code editor (evidenced by no errors and saveable).   Just odd.

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