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I have two questions regarding the "Show Only Working Hours" option in the calendar:


1. I know it's possible to adjust the working hours range on the Mac app, but is it possible to change when viewing online?


2. Why do appoinment fields with dates that span over multiple days show as visible past the "working hours" restraint and is there a way to get it to comply?

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Bringing this up again...

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Hello Bill,


That would be a good question for our webinar and it would be nice if you could bring it up there.

Thank you very much.


At our Ninox webinar tips and tricks will be presented in the first 30 minutes, the remaining 90 minutes will be used for a live support where the participants' concerns will be solved. 


You can register here for the webinar, which takes place every Tuesday at 18 o'clock CEST: 

Thank you.


Kind regards, Jörg